Nutritional Benefits of Lemon Water – Discover These 10


Drinking cold water is usually our preferable choice but the lower temperature of cold water can actually prevent nutrients during digestion from being fully absorbed into your body. And goodness knows, we all want to gain as much as possible from what we consume!  Fortunately, there are numerous nutritional benefits of drinking lemon water daily that make our bodies run better.

It is important to note that the hotter the water doesn’t necessarily mean you will reap the most benefits. No one needs to be burning themselves here! Water should be between 120F and 140F to ensure that you do not burn your esophagus or throat. Water hotter than 160F can cause serious burns so be cautious when heating your water!

The warm water increases your body’s ability to absorb nutrients but adding a slice of fresh lemon or lemon juice increases the health benefits.

Lemons are a citrus fruit and as we all know, citrus fruits are high in Vitamin C. Vitamin C boosts your immune system, consequently improving your body’s ability to protect itself from flu and colds. This tart fruit is also high in folate, potassium, and a compound called limonene.

  • Folate helps our bodies make red and white blood cells in our bone marrow and generate energy.
  • Potassium supports healthy blood pressure levels, cardiovascular health, as well as bone and muscle strength.
  • Limonene may help to prevent cancer, boost your metabolism, relieve heartburn, and even reduce stress and anxiety!”

On an additional positive note, a quarter cup of lemon juice contains 13 calories!

#1. Sinus Congestion Relief

You wake up with a stuffy nose and congestion, feeling like you’d rather go back to bed than face the workday.

Try drinking that cup of warm lemon water. It can help mucus travel more quickly than the cold water does which in turn, can lessen your recovery time. Even if you are not actually sick but feeling congested, the hot water can clear your sinuses and help you breathe more easily.

Adding that lemon with its antioxidants just continues to boost your immune system.

#2. Healthy Digestion

Warm water assists in the widening of blood vessels, thus increasing blood flow to our intestines, resulting in better digestion. It also prevents dehydration more than cold water and therefore, your body is not holding onto unnecessary fluid.

This allows your body to flush out toxins much quicker. Adding the lemon also aids in this detoxification and has been proven to improve liver function – just one of the many nutritional benefits of lemon water.

#3. Calming the Central Nervous System

The body’s natural internal temperature is 98.6F. It requires a significantly larger amount of energy to maintain that temperature if you drink cold water – energy that could be used elsewhere!

The cold water also shocks your nervous system, which obviously is not a positive thing and can result in additional feelings of stress or anxiety. Drinking the warm water obviously demands a less amount of energy from the body, causing you to feel calmer.

Some studies have demonstrated that adding the lemon can improve the mood and regulate your emotions. It enhances concentration levels and your ability to focus as it activates norepinephrine (a neurotransmitter in your brain that controls attention).

#4. Constipation Relief

Constipation – yep, no one really wants to talk about it but it can be extremely painful and cause other health issues. Hot water helps your intestines to contract, providing your body with the ability to remove wastes.

The addition of lemon produces pectin, a form of soluble fiber that can improve the health of your digestive tract and slow the time sugars and starches take to digest. This can help to regulate your blood sugar levels and create regular bowel movements.

#5. Hydration

Keeping hydrated is one of the most important things you can do to remain healthy.  Becoming dehydrated can actually have some ill effects. Therefore recognizing the physical signs of dehydration is really important.

Warm water is absorbed by the body faster than cold water can. As a result, you may have to actually drink less water to keep hydrated if you choose the hot water. Every individual requires a different amount of water to feel hydrated and through careful observation, you can discover the amount that works for you.

If you are involved in physical activity or heavier, you will require a greater intake of water each day. The lemon adds a pleasing flavor to the water and helps in hydration because of its high water content.

#6. Possible Assistance with Weight Loss

Losing weight can be a constant struggle for some and drinking the hot water with lemon may help alongside a proper diet and adequate exercise. Excess sugar can obviously make you put on the pounds so drinking refreshing lemon water can help you increase your water intake as you wean yourself off the sweetness.

Some of us have a slower metabolism, which makes losing or maintaining our weight difficult so the hot water can boost our metabolism.

As mentioned previously, it also causes our bowels to eliminate waste, toxins, and excess water weight. If you are staying hydrated, it can also lead to a decrease in your weight. Often when you think you are hungry and are reaching for that mid-afternoon snack, you are actually dehydrated! The lemon adds only minimal calories and can be used to replace the sugary drinks that we often reach for.

#7. An Increase in Circulation

Taking a warm bath can improve your circulation as your veins and arteries become temporarily expanded, creating an improvement in your blood flow throughout your system. Studies have shown that drinking hot fluids can have the same effect. The lemon has powerful antioxidants that can further increase your circulation, thus improving oxygen levels.

When we have a greater amount of oxygen in our body, we have more blood flow and consequently, better circulation. Who knew that the nutritional benefits of lemon water could be so incredible?

#8. Muscle Relaxation

We have already established that ingesting the warm water creates a calming effect on our nervous system. It is fairly obvious then that it helps to relax our muscles also. The warm water increases the flow of blood to our tissues and muscles, creating feelings of relaxation and relieving stress and tension.

If you are tense at night and this is causing you to feel the effects of poor sleep, try drinking that warm water with lemon before bed as part of your night-time routine.

#9. Lowering Toxin Levels

As mentioned previously, drinking hot water causes your body’s internal temperature to rise. When this occurs, the endocrine system (our body’s regulation system) causes you to sweat.

What happens when you sweat? Your body releases toxins! When you exercise, this can boost your elimination of toxins even more so as your temperature increases. The lemon contributes to more of a decrease in toxins because of its antioxidants and nutrients that help to clear out your intestinal tract.

#10. Relief From Symptoms of Achalasia

So, what is achalasia? It is a condition where food has trouble traveling from the esophagus to the stomach and swallowing becomes difficult. It feels almost like food is stuck in the esophagus.

Warm water can aid in the digestion of foods for those afflicted with this condition because hot water travels more quickly than cold water, speeding up digestion. Drinking warm water with lemon does not necessarily provide relief from achalasia but it has so many other benefits that it doesn’t hurt to add it.

If you are involved in vigorous activity, especially in hot temperatures, ingesting warm water can increase your internal body heat to unsafe levels. Therefore, be cautious and you are better off to be drinking cold water to bring down that temperature.

Just like with anything, drinking warm lemon water is not a magical cure for everything. It is meant to be used in addition to other strategies – proper diet, adequate exercise, taking care of one’s mental health – to achieve an overall healthy lifestyle.

Final Thoughts on the Nutritional Benefits of Lemon Water…

As has been clearly demonstrated, reaching for a cup of warm water with lemon has numerous benefits for your health, not only physically, but mentally as well.

A healthy body works in conjunction with a healthy mind. Therefore, capitalize on the benefits of drinking warm water plus the high antioxidant levels of the lemon with its refreshing flavor.

So start and end your day by reaping the nutritional benefits of lemon water and watch the impact it has on your system, leaving you feeling filled with more energy and vitality!

Discover some of the other reasons why drinking warm lemon water in the morning is beneficial in this YouTube video from Natural Cures

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