How to Relieve Anxiety Naturally – 8 Useful Tips!


We have all felt anxious at one time or another and there are some people who experience these feelings to such a degree that it makes it hard to move through their day. And even in some instances, people will completely avoid situations because they are so overwhelmed by these negative emotions.  The reality is you cannot avoid life just because you are feeling nervous or uneasy. Knowing how to relieve anxiety naturally is essential if you want to be able to take on this world!

Recognizing common signs of anxiety as well as what is actually causing your anxiety can go a long way in terms of dealing with it and facing life’s challenges. Let’s take a look at some simple things you can do to help you on your life’s journey.

#1. Get Adequate Sleep Each Night

An adult should be receiving about 8 hours of quality sleep each night in order to function properly. Without adequate sleep, not only is your body being affected but so is your brain.

To help regulate your emotions is one of the numerous reasons why your brain needs sleep. When it is fatigued, feelings of anxiety can be heightened throughout the day.

If sleep does not come easily to you, there are a number of strategies to help. There are also some specific foods that bring on sleep. You will have to experiment with what works for you but when you find that combination, go with it.

#2. Eat Foods Rich in Vitamin B-6

Our bodies are essentially machines and what we consume impacts how it will react in a variety of situations. Studies have shown that diets rich in Vitamin B-6, B-12, zinc, and magnesium can help us discover how to relieve anxiety naturally.

Vitamin B-6 helps to reduce stress in the body and can be found in foods like milk, eggs, beef, and salmon to name a few.

Your body cannot make Vitamin B-12 on its own so you should be eating foods like liver and kidneys, tuna, and yogurt. This vitamin is essential for maintaining normal brain function. Since anxiety is rooted in our minds, it is important that our brain is working properly.

Zinc can be found in nuts, meat, whole grains, and even in chickpea. Your body does not store zinc so it needs to regularly replenished. It is responsible for keeping your immune system strong. It is difficult to keep your mind healthy if you are struggling with illness.

The benefits of magnesium can be gained by eating avocados, bananas, tofu, some fatty fish, and leafy greens. It helps to regulate many of your bodily processes like regulating muscle and nerve function and blood sugar levels. Low magnesium levels have also been linked to depression and trying to manage depression alongside anxiety can make things a lot more difficult.

#3. Journal Daily

Writing your emotions down can be very calming and relaxing, especially if you are in an anxiety-filled situation. Record the situation and begin to recognize how your body is responding to it. Always do your best to articulate your emotions beyond I am feeling “bad” or “not good”. Being able to do this as well as respond in a positive manner are two of the signs of growing emotional intelligence.

#4. Get Some Sunshine

Often when you are experiencing feelings of anxiety, the thought of going outside is daunting. And so you stay inside some more, becoming even more anxious and the cycle continues. Push yourself to get 30 minutes of sunshine each day. Exposing your skin to the sun triggers a chemical reaction in your brain that releases serotonin. It is known as the “happy chemical” for a reason and will help you learn how to relieve anxiety naturally.

#5. Declutter

Think about when you feel anxious. What do you feel like inside? Often people describe an inability to think straight, that everything in their brains seems a jumbled mess.

Having a messy and cluttered living environment can bring on some of the same feelings. It signals to your brain that something needs to be “done” immediately. So start organizing your living space to bring on feelings of calmness and relaxation.

#6. Avoid Refined Carbs

Carbohydrates have had a bad rap lately and many people are trying new diet trends like the keto diet to help them reduce their intake of carbohydrates. Not all carbohydrates are bad and your body does need some to operate adequately. However, the ones you need to limit or even avoid if you want to be able to manage your anxiety levels are of the refined variety.

Refined carbohydrates are found in foods such as white flour, white pasta, white rice, baked goods, and sodas. They tend to be very high in sugars which your body has difficulty processing. As a result, you may experience spikes and drops in your blood glucose levels when consuming such foods.

These drastic changes in your blood sugar levels can often result in the same physical symptoms of an anxiety attack. And when you feel those symptoms, it can actually bring on an actual attack.

#7. Positive Self Talk

When you get up first thing in the morning, talk to yourself in a positive light. Self-affirmations and positive thinking in negative situations are extremely beneficial and worthwhile towards dealing with your anxiety effectively. It can help to reduce self-sabotaging behaviors so that you can be successful and happy.

#8. Exercise Daily

Get out there and get some physical activity. Exercise of any variety helps to release endorphins which have a calming effect and make you feel happy. Go for a bike ride or maybe take your dog to the park. Fly a kite or walk to the local coffee shop. Whatever amount of exercise you get will be beneficial as living a sedentary lifestyle can also lead to additional issues.

Final Thoughts…

Feelings of anxiety can be overwhelming and even frightening if you let them take hold. Recognize what is triggering these feelings inside of you. Learning to deal with them in a natural and effective way can allow you to become more self-confident and be in control of your life. Learn how to relieve anxiety naturally so you can live your best life.

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