Health Benefits of Quitting Sugar – 10 Facts!

It is common knowledge that there is currently an extreme rise in obesity numbers and consequently, other dangerous health conditions like diabetes and heart disease. Our sugar intake has increased exponentially over the years even though many of us know its harmful effects and there are far too many health benefits of quitting sugar.

It has been discovered that sugar is highly addictive, even as much as many drugs. Consuming it on a regular basis can cause life-long and even damaging effects inside your body.  Health researchers have discovered that it can take upwards of six weeks to rid your body of its craving for sugar. However, by beginning the process today, you will start to feel these 10 health benefits of quitting sugar almost right way.

#1. Boost Your Energy Levels

Consuming sugar gives us additional energy, right? In fact, this proves to be false.  When you consume sugar on a consistent basis, your body experiences difficulties in its ability to regulate and stabilize your blood sugar levels.  As a result, you will experience drastic swings in your energy levels, periods of highs and lows.

When you refrain from eating sugar, your system can function more proficiently, and your energy levels will balance out over the course of the day.

No more sugar crashes for you!

#2. Improved Quality of Sleep

When we consume too much sugar, especially refined sugar, our bodies become confused. Am I supposed to be awake? Am I supposed to be resting?

As a result, it becomes almost impossible to get a night of good quality sleep, thus sugar is the second leading cause of insomnia. And if that means one of the health benefits of quitting sugar equates to restful sleep, sign me up!

By eating food rich in vitamins and minerals, we can keep our blood sugar levels from swinging to extremes and being that our bodies are amazing machines, they will find their natural rhythm.  A solid night’s sleep will follow, leaving you feeling well-rested and more productive.

#3. Weight Loss

One of the most popular searches on the Internet is “How do I lose weight?”.

People are naturally looking for quick and easy ways to drop the pounds.  There really may not be an easy solution. However, cutting sugar from your diet can help you fit into a smaller pair of pants or maybe that little black dress hidden in the back of your closet.

As you decrease your sugar intake, you will also notice that your cravings for those mid-afternoon sugary sweets will also disappear. Your hunger levels will also stabilize and you will have lost some of those excess pounds around your middle!

#4. A Stronger Immune System

A healthy and strong immune system is one of the top health benefits of quitting sugar. This is critical if you are to be able to handle the numerous germs and viruses you encounter throughout your day.

Sugar is one of the primary contributors to chronic inflammation in our system. When our bodies are inflamed, they cannot effectively protect you from the bacteria all around us.

#5. Clearer Skin

The appearance and condition of your skin depend on numerous factors but the type of food you eat is directly related. When you consume a diet high in sugar, your skin begins to break out in acne, look and feel dry and perhaps even result in eczema, generally, not looking healthy.

Although we can reach for expensive creams and high-end cosmetics to hide our blemishes and wrinkles, it is a reduction in sugar that can make us look and feel more confident.

#6. Fewer Mood Swings

So you had a bad day and come home thoroughly exhausted and starving – what do you instantly reach for? Probably those comfort foods that you think will make you feel better but unfortunately, those same comfort foods are also those that are usually high in sugar!

As previously mentioned, consuming sugar leads to a swing in our blood sugar levels, resulting in mood swings. When our moods are erratic, we often find it more difficult to handle stressful situations. Hence, making us react in an unpredictable manner and make poor decisions.

Our actions (and inevitably the consequences) also affect our mental health so by eliminating or reducing the sugar, we can see improvements in our problem solving and managing depression without medication.

#7. Looking and Feeling Younger

Your appearance is directly correlated to the amount of sugar you eat. Those individuals who have higher blood sugar levels consistently look older than those with reduced levels.  Sugar attaches itself to the collagen (a protein in the connective tissues of our bodies that improves elasticity) in your skin, causing inflammation and an overall dull appearance to your skin.

So not only will you increase your energy levels with a reduction in sugar, but you will also look and feel younger!

#8. Protecting Your Liver

Your liver is essential to your overall well-being as it is the organ that detoxifies your bodily system.  We all are aware of the negative impact of consuming a large amount of alcohol can have on our liver. Did you know that sugar is similar in the damage it can do?

When your liver is damaged, it obviously cannot operate properly. Your system will not be able to get rid of various toxins, making you ill.

#9. Heart Protection

One of the most critical health benefits of quitting sugar is the protection of your heart. No, we are not talking about your ex that broke your heart!

People who eat foods high in sugar often have a great risk of cardiac disease.  Avoiding sugar is a way for you to take care of your heart as well as control triglycerides. A fat found in your blood that stores extra calories from sugar and reduces the effects of good cholesterol.

So avoid that glazed doughnut and your heart will thank you!

#10. Preventing Kidney Stones

Kidney stones are essentially just that – stones in your kidneys made from minerals and salts that are stored. It’s no surprise but we should not have stones in our bodies and like any other foreign object, they need to be removed.

Let me tell you, kidney stones are extremely painful as they exit your body! So how can we prevent a case of kidney stones? Drinking sugary drinks can cause a 25% increase in developing stones and soft drinks particularly can increase this risk by a whopping 33% among other health issues.

So instead of sipping on that bubbly soda, try cucumber water or possibly experience these 10 benefits of drinking warm lemon water daily. Your kidneys will appreciate that choice!

Final Thoughts…

Sugar, especially that of the refined nature, has become a staple in many of our diets. As a whole, our health has been deteriorating in comparison to those of our ancestors.

The above-listed health benefits of quitting sugar are too significant to ignore. Therefore, making better choices in our daily diets and specifically reducing our sugar intake can improve our health drastically. It may be difficult to do at first but with some old-fashioned willpower and determination, it can be done!

Be a warrior and conquer that sugar addiction!

Check out what Dr. Mark Hyman from the Cleveland Clinic has to say about breaking your sugar addiction in 10 days from this YouTube video.

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