Flashfood App Review: What Exactly is the Flashfood App?


OK. Let’s get straight down to doing a Flashfood App Review!

What is the Flashfood App?

It started out as a free app that only my Canadian friends can use to help save an extraordinary amount of money on groceries. However, it’s now available in certain American locations as well.

Yep – and who doesn’t want to save money on food?

I am a person who is often a bit hesitant to use apps – I tend to be a bit “old school” and need some feedback from others who have used them to see if they are worthwhile or legit and thus the reason for this Flashfood app review.

Let me tell you, the Flashfood app is all of that and more! I wish it hadn’t taken me a week after downloading to actually use it! I have been showing this Flashfood app review to my friends and family (and I will admit, even a few strangers too).

The Flashfood app was designed in Canada and can only be used at Superstore (and Maxi in Quebec) and since that is where I do all of my grocery shopping, I thought I would try it. In the United States there are a variety of stores that have also implemented the use of the flashfood app. It was originally featured on the show Dragon’s Den.

After you have downloaded the app from their website you just need to fill out some brief information (your name, email address, and credit card information), and you are on your way. And trust me, if I can do it, anyone can do it!

  • The app recognizes your location and shows you the nearest store that uses the application.
  • You scroll down and can see the offers that have at that specific store.
  • As an added bonus if you travel to other cities, the app will provide you with the Flashfood locations so you can reap the benefits as you travel!

These foods are at least 50% of the usual price and will be expiring soon and so would otherwise be thrown away.

What is Available to Buy?

I was concerned that the quality of the food would be compromised but that is not the case at all. For example, I bought 2 pounds (900 grams) of green grapes that we’re regularly priced $4.98 and got them for $2.50 and there was one grape that I had to throw away. In my books, that is a great deal!

One of my favorite things to purchase is their random fruit and vegetable boxes for just $5!

The price of fresh produce has skyrocketed lately but I still prefer my fruits and veggies fresh. This way, I get a little bit of everything and I get to reap the health benefits of tomatoes as well as have the opportunity to try new fruits like dragonfruit!

And it isn’t just fruit that can be purchased. I have bought other food items like chicken thighs, pork roasts, kebabs, breakfast sausages! Meat is always expensive and I find that this app is going to allow me to still be able to eat meat at an affordable price.

Although the best before date is within 1-3 days of purchasing, I either cook it that day or freeze it so the date is of no concern to me.

I have found that in order to capitalize on cheaper meat, it is best to look at the app first thing in the morning. Once a certain item is bought by someone, it is gone and no longer available as supply is limited.

It is giving me the opportunity to incorporate more fresh produce and protein into my diet. And I am sure I will become healthier as a result. I also feel better knowing that all that food is not being thrown away!

But is it all just produce and meat?

Nope. There have been opportunities to buy artisan bread, cookies, cakes, and pies from their bakeries. So why not have a little treat now and then?

I am also discovering that I am now able to afford new things that I may not have been able to prior to using the Flashfood app. For instance, I love Boursin cheese but it is a little out of my grocery budget so I rarely eat it. But guess what? Yesterday, I bought some for $2! I got to indulge in something without breaking the bank.

Taking a look at my first haul. I was a bit nervous using the app, concerned that the quality of the food would not be good so I only bought a few things. I spent $14 but saved $17.

Flashfood App Review; Produce Box
Look at this Produce Box. All of these for only $5!

Paying For Your Items

Once you choose what items you want to buy, you go to the “checkout” on the app and it is paid on the credit card you chose to use. Flashfood App Review; Checkout

The app accepts Visa, Visa debit, Mastercard, and American Express so you are not limited in payment options.

One aspect that I appreciated the most was I can purchase my items on the Flashfood app and immediately go pick them up or even make a purchase while I am in the physical store!

There is no wait time between purchase and pick up except for the drive to the store!

So let’s do the math. I am a household of only two people so I do not purchase as much as a family of 5 would. However, in one week I saved $43.

$43 in one week x 4 weeks = $176 in one month!

$43 in a week x 52 weeks = $2236 in a year!

OMG! The numbers are staggering! This frees up extra cash for you to be able to purchase other things – perhaps put your children in swimming lessons, go on a vacation, buy a vehicle, or even save up for a new home! The possibilities are truly endless!

How Do I Get Started?

So, let’s get down to the nitty-gritty. How can you get started?

1. Download the Flashfood app. Either on Apple or Android.

2. Enter your information that it requires including your credit/debit card number.

3. Peruse the offers and choose the items you wish to buy.

4. Go to the store’s customer service area for pickup. – There is a Flashfood cooler nearby where you can pick up your items. A customer service associate will confirm your items. (They will ask your name as they have a record of it. I suggest taking your phone with proof of your purchase .)

5. Go home and enjoy your bounty!

It seriously is this simple!

Wanna Save More?

So now that you have read my Flashfood app review and I have you convinced to download the Flashfood app, would you like to save even a bit more money on your first purchase?

When you sign up for the first time, if you use my referral link, you will save $5 on your first purchase. There is no catch, except I earn some credit on my account for referring you.

Final Thoughts…

Personally, I am giving this app 5/5. It is easy to use, efficient and saves me a tremendous amount of money and time.

And bonus points for preventing tons of perfectly good food from entering our landfills and giving all people the opportunity to afford healthy foods at a reasonable price.

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