Combining Turmeric with Black Pepper – 10 Benefits

There has been an upsurge in online searches for the health benefits of combining turmeric with black pepper. Whether it be in recipes or the uses of the spices, people want to know about it. The root of the turmeric plant is what is used in many Indian and Southeast Asian dishes but has been growing in popularity in the western world.

Turmeric contains curcumin – a special component that has many health benefits. Unfortunately, turmeric (and the curcumin) are not readily absorbed into the body. Therefore, to reap the benefits, it needs a little help. And that help is black pepper!

When turmeric and black pepper are used in conjunction with one another, the body is able to greatly absorb the curcumin. I, personally, take turmeric capsules that contain curcumin alongside a couple of peppercorns on a daily basis. (The capsules can be found in the vitamin aisle of your local pharmacy.)

So, really what can this dynamic spice duo do to benefit your health?

#1. Potential Cancer Treatment

Like anything concerning cancer, research is ongoing. However, one of the most interesting benefits currently being studied is the combining of turmeric with black pepper in the treatment of cancer. Several studies have shown that when combined, they are able to target breast cancer stem cells, which could reduce and even possibly eliminate the cells!

With further research, it may provide a natural option to the medication currently being utilized.

Please keep in mind that these findings are just in preliminary stages in a test tube and not in living organisms.

#2. Reduce Inflammation

I, personally, take the turmeric and black pepper combination to reduce the inflammation I experience in my ankle. I find this combination of spices works the best but there are numerous other spices that can help you deal with it as well.

Several years ago, I broke my ankle in three places and was forced to have major surgery to repair it. Consequently, it now flares up regularly and causes me pain. If I diligently take the spice combination, I find the pain and inflammation to be considerably reduced.

At one time, I was taking naproxen several times a week and now, I no longer require it. (Naproxen, sometimes known as ALEVE, is incredibly harsh on your liver and kidneys.)

#3. Keep a Healthy Liver

Turmeric is powerful when it comes to detoxifying the liver. The liver’s function is to filter the blood and remove toxins and waste. Therefore, to remain healthy, it is essential you have a healthy liver.

Ingesting turmeric can help your liver operate efficiently so that toxins do not build up in your system. It can also improve your blood circulation, which aids in the health of the liver.

#4. Weight Loss & Maintenance

Many people struggle with their weight. Some are trying to lose it while others are interested in maintaining it.

Of course, there is no single magic potion that will help us with it but turmeric and black pepper may be another tool.

Black pepper is considered to be thermogenic – it causes an increase in one’s metabolism and thus the number of calories burned. Turmeric is known to lower bad cholesterol so you are benefitting on both accounts!

In addition to combining turmeric with black pepper, there are many other foods that can boost your metabolism and also help you end your battle of losing weight!

#5. Improve Digestion

Turmeric contains a number of components that aid in digestion by stimulating bile production. With healthy digestion, excess gas and bloating can be reduced.

Also because of turmeric’s anti-inflammatory properties, symptoms related to IBS (inflammatory bowel disease) may be reduced.

#6. Diabetes Control

Diabetes rates have increased dramatically amongst all age groups in the past several decades. Many of those afflicted with the disease require medication and/or insulin injections to keep it under control. For a person’s blood sugar levels to be regulated, insulin is required.

Turmeric can help to stabilize glucose levels and balance insulin levels. In addition to turmeric, there are numerous other ways you can treat diabetes without medication.

#7. Reduced Cholesterol Levels

Lower cholesterol levels have been linked to the consumption of turmeric. It is important to keep your levels low to prevent cardiovascular disease and clogging of arteries. Add it to your cooking or take a capsule on a daily basis.

#8. Possible Prevention of Alzheimer’s Disease

Keeping your brain healthy and active is critical to warding off Alzheimer’s disease. Some studies have shown that one of the main causes is inflammation.

As was stated previously, turmeric helps ease inflammation. The spice is also beneficial to the brain as it can remove a buildup of plaque and improve the flow of oxygen in the brain.

#9. Heal Superficial Wounds

Turmeric contains natural antibacterial and antiseptic properties resulting in improved healing and cleanliness of wounds.

It can also repair damaged skin and aid in the healing of inflammatory skin issues like psoriasis and minor allergic rashes.

It is important to note that this applies to superficial wounds like minor cuts and scrapes. If you have a major wound, it is essential that you should consult your doctor for appropriate treatment.

#10. Improved Immunity

Combining turmeric with black pepper can help to strengthen your immune system. You will have an increased ability to fend off sickness because it has antibacterial, antifungal, and antiviral properties.

This doesn’t mean you will never become ill but you will notice that the duration and severity will be reduced significantly.

Final Thoughts…

Turmeric alone is a lovely addition to your recipes but to receive its full health benefits, it is important to pair it with black pepper. Whether you are putting it in a curry or a soup or ingesting a capsule daily, you will begin to recognize changes in your health and well-being.

Like any other natural remedy, turmeric and black pepper should not be used as a cure-all. It is not intended to cure and/or prevent any diseases and caution should always be taken.

Use wisely and always consult your physician with your ailments.

How have you tried incorporating turmeric and black pepper into your life? What changes have you experienced? We would love to hear from you in the comments below.

For further discussion about the importance of combining turmeric and black pepper, check out this YouTube video from Ryan Taylor.

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